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The positive lead from Wall Street was embraced across Asia overnight, with all major benchmarks across the region up from their opens. Jerome Powell was confident that the US economy could weather any storm from Omicron and Fed tightening. China’s inflation 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 data was also softer than expected, which raises the prospects for further 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 stimulus from Beijing following a slew of soft data in December which points to weak growth in Q4. The Hang Seng and Nikkei are top performers and rose around 2%. Futures markets are all in the green ahead of the open.

Perhaps this positive vibe can help lift the FTSE 100 above 7500 today. A bullish engulfing candle formed on the daily chart below that key level yesterday, and futures markets suggests it can open above it today. Next resistance is near 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 the weekly and monthly R1 pivots around 7545, then onto 7600 or the upper trendline. Whichever comes first. Of course, US inflation is the 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 key event today so if it comes in as strong as hoped (or feared) then it could just as easily knock the wind out of equity bulls. In which case, 7400 seems achievable for a downside target over the next couple of days.

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FTSE 100 trading guide

FTSE 350: Market Internals

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FTSE 350: 4264.93 (0.62%) 11 January 2022

  • 193 (54.83%) stocks advanced and 148 (42.免费开通Binomo模拟账户 05%) declined
  • 12 stocks rose to a new 52-week high, 8 fell to new lows
  • 51.7% of stocks closed above their 200-day average
  • 86.65% of stocks closed above their 50-day average
  • 14.77% 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 of stocks closed above their 20-day average
  • + 11.4% - Micro Focus International PLC (MCRO.L)
  • + 6.89% - Darktrace PLC (DARK.L)
  • + 5.39% - Hays PLC (HAYS.L)
  • -10.8% - Games Workshop Group PLC (GAW.L)
  • -5.免费开通Binomo模拟账户 86% - Syncona Ltd (SYNCS.L)
  • -3.10% - TUI AG (免费开通Binomo模拟账户 TUIGn.DE)

GBP/JPY eyes October high

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Guide to Pound sterling

Between the December low and January high, GBP/JPY has risen just under 6%. And that’s a relatively strong move in currency terms. The 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 rally couldn’t quite reach the October high and has since pulled back, 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 yet we note that 156 provided support ahead of yesterday’s bullish candle, and overnight trade is trying to break higher form its bull 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 免费开通Binomo模拟账户 flag. Ultimately, we think this might be able to move to the October high, near the weekly and monthly R1 pivots. Given the confluence of resistance we suspect that level will hold initially. Our bias remains for a run to the October high whilst prices remain above the weekly pivot point at 156.54. A break below 156 warns of a correction.

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