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Tradable Protection 50% is available no matter the first deposit. On the next deposits you can receive it from 300$. The extra funds of Tradable Protection are not written off even during “drawdown”.



  1. 制定和监督市场规则 - 香港证券及期货事务监察委员会的主要职责之一,是确保为证券市场的金融机构制定规管。这包括监控公司的合规性,并确定如果他们违反这些规则会发生什么。
  2. 向已被授权提供金融服务的金融公司颁发许可证。
  3. 批准市场上的新金融产品,并确保消费者在向投资者提供之前了解这些产品。
  4. 通过改善基础设施,为市场运营商提供监督。
  5. 监控有关合并,收购和收购的所有规则和法规。
  6. 与该国其他四个监管机构合作。
  7. 满足消费者对市场运营的需求,提供消费者权利,责任方面的见解,甚至教育他们了解外汇交易等不同形式投资所涉及的风险。
  1. 适当的业务结构,合格的员工和有效的内部系统。
  2. 满足必要的资本要求
  3. 有能力提供金融服务
  4. 通过对您的财务状况,行业经验和其他相关资格的评估。
  5. 向证监会证明他们在道德和道德上适合担任金融服务公司。




  1. 管理和管理资金
  2. 发出通知邀请公众提出索赔
  3. 确定是否在必要的时间内提出投诉
  4. 接受索赔
  5. 处理所需的文件或记录
  6. 发出决定通知
  7. 评估索赔是否适用于赔偿
  8. 支付索赔并决定这些付款的顺序

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Increased leverage up to 1:1000 from AMarkets

1. The offer is available to any AMarkets’ client with a real trading account.

2. Increased 1:1000 leverage is available on Fixed, Standard and Standard Market accounts in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

3. Leverage up to 1:1000 can be used for all Forex instruments, except those with fixed leverage ratio.

4. You can apply for increased 1:1000 leverage in your Personal area in Trading/Change your leverage 开设 Binomo 交易账户 开设 Binomo 交易账户 section.

5. To use 1:1000 leverage, the account Equity should not exceed 10 000 USD.

6. In case the Equity on trading account exceeds 10 000 USD, the leverage is automatically decreased to the standard leverage ratio of 1:500.

7. If the Equity reduces back below 10 000 USD, the leverage will be automatically increased to the previous maximum ratio of 1:1000.

8. If the Equity reduces below 10 000 USD, and the leverage hasn’t been automatically restored to the previous ratio of 1:1000, the Client can change it manually in the Personal area. The Client acknowledges, that AMarkets will not accept any claims in any case of any untimely change of leverage.

9. From 10:00 PM (EET) Friday to 1:00 AM (EET) Monday of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 server time, the increased leverage will be applied as follows:

9.1 The increased 1:1000 leverage is automatically decreased to 1:500.

9.2 AMarkets’ clients won’t be able to make any changes to the leverage during these hours.

9.3 AMarkets’ clients are not allowed to register new trading accounts with the increased leverage during this period of time.

9.4 After Monday 01:00 AM (EET), the leverage size will be restored to the previous value.

10. The client is notified that the use of leverage is associated 开设 Binomo 交易账户 开设 Binomo 交易账户 with a high level of risk and may result in a partial or total deposit losses.

11. The client is aware that lowering the leverage from 开设 Binomo 交易账户 the threshold value to 1: 500 may result in the forced closure of his positions (Stop Out).

12. AMarkets reserves the right to deny the option of increased 1:1000 leverage without prior notice or explanation.

13. AMarkets reserves the right to change the Client’s leverage value to 1:500 at any time and without giving any reasons or prior notice.

14. AMarkets has the right to change the time interval for the leverage ratio changes without prior notice or explanation.

Terms and Definitions

Equity = Balance + Unrealized profit/loss. Current Equity is displayed in the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals in the “Trade” tab.

Server time, EET – Eastern European time (GMT + 2 in the winter, GMT + 3 in the summer).

Leverage – the ability to trade the Forex market with an amount that is up to 1,000 times larger than your own funds. For example, you have 10 000 USD in your trading account. Using 1:1000 will allow you to hold positions worth of 10 000 000 USD.

Personal area – a special section of the website, providing access to statistical and status data of the client’s trading accounts and wallets, as well as other 开设 Binomo 交易账户 sections and products of the Company.

Please note, that in case of any changes of leverage on the trading account, all margin parameters in your trading terminal will be displayed according to the previous leverage settings until you 开设 Binomo 交易账户 re-login to your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 trading terminals. We recommend you to re-login to your trading terminal each time you make changes to the leverage, so that all margin parameters are displayed correctly.

AMarkets LTD,
Beachmont Business Centre, 272, Kingstown,
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
[email protected]
Date of Last Revision 14/10/2021

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如何退出 Cryptobo

客户创建申请后,直到直接付款时,提取的金额才会从其账户余额中扣除。 客户提出的提款不予退还,也不能上诉。 最低提款金额为 0.002 BTC。