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Mukesh Choyal

I joined Olymp Trade three months ago and trade regularly. Few things I like: - Training and strategies on the platform are REALLY good. - Chart and time frames are clear and smooth. - Deposit by card is instant. Overall, I’m glad I’ve Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 joined Olymp Trade.

Nchumthung Murry

Srinivasan Manohar

I’ve always been a person who likes to be his own boss, and Olymp Trade gives me exactly that. And that’s only the beginning, as I love the Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 security, beautiful UI, and big Education segment it provides. It makes trading easier, so thank you for that!

Biswa Bhusan Rout

Olymp Trade has everything that new users need: a very fast support team and Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 a deposit/withdrawal that you can do in a few seconds. And what I like the best is Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 that anyone can trade here.

Ayush Kumar

Hey, traders, here is what I like the most about Olymp Trade: 1. Training or strategies - Olymp Trade teaches us how to earn and manage money. 2. Support team - Olymp Trade support is always here to help and resolve my issues. Thank you, guys.

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Olymp Trade提现

如何在 Olymp Trade 中取款和存款


它将带您进入 Olymp Trade 网站上的一个特殊部分。


选择金额。 最低提款金额为 10 美元/10 欧元/50 雷亚尔,但可能因不同的支付系统而异。 点击“发送请求”。




转到您的平台用户帐户,然后单击“付款”Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 按钮。


它将带您进入 Olymp Trade 网站上的一个特殊部分。


选择金额。 最低提款金额为 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 10 美元/10 欧元/50 雷亚尔,但可能因不同的支付系统而异。 点击“发送请求”。


常见问题 (FAQ)






您的提款请求由平台和您的银行或支付系统处理。 由于链中交易对手的增加,完成请求需要更多时间。 此外,每个支付系统都有自己的提款处理周期。

平均而言,资金会在 2 个工作日内记入银行卡。 但是,一些银行可能需要长达 30 天的时间才能转移资金。

如何将资金提取到 2 种付款方式

例如,一位交易员使用银行卡在他们的账户中存入了 40 美元。 后来,交易者使用 Neteller 电子钱包存入了 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 100 美元。 之后,他或她将账户余额增加到 300 美元。 这是如何提取存入的 140 美元: 应将 40 美元存入银行卡 应将 100 美元存入 Neteller 电子钱包 请注意,此规则仅适用于已存入的资金金额。 利润可以无限制地提取到任何付款方式。


如何在 Olymp Trade 中存钱


  • 银行卡。
  • 数字钱包(Neteller、Skrill 等)。
  • 在银行或特殊信息亭生成付款发票。
  • 当地银行(银行转账)。
  • 加密货币。

例如,您可以使用 Visa/Mastercard 银行卡或通过在 AstroPay 系统中创建虚拟卡以及使用 Neteller、Skrill、WebMoney、GlobePay Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 等电子钱包在印度的 Olymp Trade 存入和提取您的资金。 比特币交易也很顺利。





选择一种付款方式并输入您的存款金额。 最低存款金额仅为 10 美元/10 欧元。 但是,不同国家/地区可能会有所不同。




点击“支付. ”蓝色按钮。

Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式


选择一种付款方式并输入您的存款金额。 最低存款金额仅为 10 美元/10 欧元。 但是,不同国家/地区可能会有所不同。


Olymp Trade 聯繫方式

点击“支付. ”。



常见问题 (FAQ)


资金通常会很快存入交易账户,但有时可能需要 2 到 5 个工作日(取决于您的支付提供商)。

如果在您入金后资金没有立即存入您的账户,请等待 1小时。 如果 1 小时后仍然没有钱,请等待并再次检查。



如果客户没有在真实账户中进行交易或/并且没有存入/提取资金,则每月将向其账户收取 10 美元(十美元或等值的账户货币)费用。 此规则载于非交易法规和 KYC/AML 政策中。

How To Trade Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 And Win In Olymp Trade With A Simple And Easy Way

As beginners, many people want to test whether the Olymp Trade platform really pays money and lets you withdraw money or not. Here, in this article, I will show you one of the easiest ways to open a profitable order and Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 make some profit in Olymp Trade. At the same time, I will give you a few notes on how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Video for making money in Olymp Trade with an account of $50

How to make money in Olymp Trade with a $50 account

Choose the reasonable trading assets Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 in Olymp Trade

If you are new with a starter account of only $50, then you should choose currency pairs or assets with a payout rate of 80% or more. This is the profit ratio that you will receive if you win. For example, you enter 1 transaction of $100 with a payout of 80%. If you win, you will gain a profit of $80.

Selecting Fixed Time and the currency pair for trading

Notes: The higher the payout rate is, the more secure your balance becomes.

For example, you are trading with the USD/JPY pair and a payout of 60%. You open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You lose $20 for 2 losing orders and make $18 for 3 winning orders Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 => Your balance is still losing $2.

But if you trade with the EUR/USD pair and a payout of 80%. You also open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 You are still profitable with $4.

Advice for beginners: EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the best 2 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 currency pairs for you to get acquainted with during your first trades.

The principles of candlesticks

At different time frames, the price will have different fluctuations. It will also create different candlesticks. Just by observing, Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 you can realize this.

For example, during this trading time frame, EUR/USD creates alternating green Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 and red candles. There are at most 4 consecutive green candles, after which a red candle will appear. And vice versa, there are at most 4 consecutive red candles and then green candles will appear.

Analyzing candles in the Olymp Trade trading platform

Notes: Do not observe the 1-minute Japanese candlestick pattern. Fast fluctuations may make you lose Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 money faster and easier.

Open correct orders

Now you know the principle of candles. The trading strategy for use in Olymp Trade that I mention now will be as follows. When 2 red Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 candles appear in the market, you should start opening orders. Now you bet that the third candle Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 will be a green one. If the third candle is still a red one, then open another Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 order to bet that the fourth one will be green. It means that you will open 2 “HIGHER” orders continuously.

For details, you open 2 “HIGHER” orders to bet that a green candle Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 will appear after 2 consecutive red candles.

Order 1: Bet on a green candle – open an Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 UP order – $2 => LOSE

Opening an UP order

Order 2: Bet on a green candle – open 1 more UP order – $5 => WIN

Opening the second UP order

After 2 orders, you gain a profit of $2.1. Profit ratio Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 is $2.1/$50 = 4% of the balance.

Know where to stop

Do you ever have these questions Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 as follows? If you lose both orders in a row, what should you do? The answer is “Stop!”. When the movements of candles do not follow any cycle, then stop. Keep your Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 money.

On the contrary, if you win, you should also know where to stop. You may find that you have only earned a few dollars. But in fact, the profit you gain is several percentages of your total capital.

Easiest Olymp Trade Hack & Cheats that will blow your mind

So, It Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 is very important that you follow the right guide and follow the right strategy that actually works.

Therefore, In this article, I will be sharing my favourite tested Olymp Trade Strategy or you can also call it Olymp Trade Hack or Olymp Trade Cheats that actually helped me make around Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 $1000 via Olymp Trade & I promise If you follow this you can make this happen too.

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Given below is my Olymp Trade Withdrawal Proof Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 that I have earned in nearly 14 days.

It is to be noted that Olymp Trade sends payment via Saledo Global LLC.

Olymp Trade Hacks: How to hack Olymp Trade?

In this Guide, I will give you my exact Blueprint to earn money via Olymp Trade.

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The first step is to Open Your Olymp Trade Account & Start Profiting

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But It is to be noted that the Bonus is valid only for 1 hour after opening the account.

So, be ready Olymp Trade 聯繫方式 with your Card and deposit at least $30 in return you will get a $30 additional Bonus.