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Para manter o projeto continuamente atualizado contribua com uma doação, com alguma correção ou melhoria.

As doações serão usadas para adicionar novas features citadas abaixo.


Para mantener el proyecto continuamente actualizado, contribuye con una donación, con cualquier corrección o mejora.

Las donaciones se utilizarán para agregar nuevas funciones que se mencionan a continuación.

EN: To keep the project continuously updated you can contribute with a donation or with some correction or improvement.


To keep project continuously updated, contribute with a donation, with any correction or improvement.

Donations will be used to add new features mentioned below.




Descrição: Pega o calendario econimico da iqoption. Essa feature vai possibilitar que vocês possar evitar fazer operações quando estiver muito arriscado.




Descrição: Noticias sobre o mercado


This api is intended to be an open source project to communicate with iqOption site. this is a no official repository, it means it is maintained by community

Esta API é destinada a ser um projeto de código aberto para se comunicar com o site da iqOption. este é um repositório não oficial, significa que é mantido pela comunidade

Esta API está destinada IQ Option登录快捷方便 a ser un proyecto de código abierto para comunicarse con el sitio de IqIoption. este es un repositorio no oficial, significa que es mantenido por la comunidad


Due to the large amount of scammers that have appeared in the market, it is recommended that you DO NOT enter your password into an unknown exe or robot site that operates on iqoption because many of those have stolen people's passwords so be IQ Option登录快捷方便 careful. It's best if you develop your robot or hire someone you trust.

Devido a grande quantidade de golpistas que tem aparecido no mercado, recomenda-se que você NÃO inserir IQ Option登录快捷方便 sua senha em exe ou sites de robo desconhecidos que opera na iqoption porque muitos desses tem roubado as senhas das pessoas então tomem cuidado. O melhor é você desenvolver seu robo ou contratar alguem de confiança.

Canal no youtube explicando com trabalhar com a api

Kodandao com Faria

This api is based on Lu-Yi-Hsun

Thanks also for this version he fixed some bugs.

It was not been updated by him. So I decided to study and do this work. I don't know how all works yet but I'll learn and teach you

Contribute with Community

Help me to keep this project working. Open relevant issues and IQ Option登录快捷方便 give a hand to fix the bug. I'll start a channel on youtube in future as soon as possible to share how I'm working with this project. The channel will be in portuguese but you can help with subtitles.

I'll do lives on twitch to work together with you. And if you enjoy it and could contribute with any donation it will be welcome.

If something is not clear on documentation let me know and I'll try to explain what I know.

Please send me suggestions . feedbacks are welcome

I'm using this tools anaconda with python 3.7 with contains a lot of libs pre-installed

IQ Option登录快捷方便

A powerful trading robot that works for you



Get your first results in 5 minutes

Professional trading tool

Trading on popular indicators

Strategies for all risk levels

Profit limit & Stop Loss

Easy to use

Quick setup with instructions on your language

$10 000 for you to try out Demo account

Flexible notification system

Smooth experience on any device

Your convenience is our priority, that’s why IQ Bot is available both on web & mobile platforms.



$1 881 494

We offer smart and professional tool for your investments

Proven strategies

Our profound team of trading analyst collected all the famously proven strategies.

Fraud prevention

Your financial information and account details are safely stored and encrypted.

Training on Demo

You can run all the strategies on Demo account without any deposit.

24/7 Support

Online chat with expert customer support is available for you.

Ready to try IQ Bot?

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Download app

Create IQ Option account

Set up robot and try on Demo

Make deposit and start earning

Download app

Create IQ Option account

Set up robot and try on Demo

Make deposit and start earning

Download app

Create IQ Option account

Set up robot and try on Demo

Make deposit and start earning

Risk warning: trading involves high risks including the risk of losing some or all of your investment amount and IQ Option登录快捷方便 IQ Option登录快捷方便 may not be suitable for all investors.

The official affiliate program
from a world leader

“It becomes more and more obvious that this is the best affiliate program in the IQ Option登录快捷方便 industry. First of all I talk about high conversion rates (due to really good promo materials and Registration APIs) and regular payments (twice a month). Support is also very pleasant. I wish further successes to IQ Option.”

“Their conversion rates are higher than we usually have not giving all the efforts to the broker. I’m sure they will show really amazing results in the industry this year.”

“You are my favorite team. Since the very beginning, I knew that someday you’d be on the top of the industry. At first, I wasn't sure about this offer which was new for me — I was working with the ordinary CPA offers before. Now it’s all changed.”

“IQOption.com developed a very innovative affiliate platform that offers you real-time statistics, lots of banners, landing pages in several languages, and commission payments done in timely manner (twice a month). As a blogger for binaryoptioneurope.com, at the beginning I was skeptical about receiving only a revenue share instead the classic CPA, but now I am happily surprised and the results are above my expectations! Try out the innovative IQ Option trading platform and you will see the affiliate binary results growing day by day!”

“We will keep you high on the toplist. Other brokers pay more but to be fair I think your product is best for our users. And thats important to us.”

Iq option Scam Price manipulation

I am absolutely beginner on trading with real money. But I have been following and learning about trades. I was doing average with IQ options. Started with 47 IQ Option登录快捷方便 USD. Some of my strategies worked other failed. And left my account with 62 USD.IQ Option登录快捷方便

Here comes the issue,
I started trading AUD/CAD (OTC) and lost all of my funds. At first I blamed myself for not trading in discipline and planned to learn more IQ Option登录快捷方便 about market, develop self control. The price rise in graph was kind of suspicious. So IQ Option登录快捷方便 I decided to do my own research, upon completion of my research, I was convinced that the graph in app is totally fake. First I thought of checking the same assets on other market, instead I checked on IQ options website and realized there is difference between price charts. Here are the screenshots

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