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Olymptrade account blocked or suspended

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Today we going to talk about how to Login into your Olymp Trade account. However if you don’t have your personal account, you will need to create one. You will be able to Login from app on your mobile device as well, but I’m going to show how to make it from browser.

how to login?

olymptrade login

olymptrade login

At first, you will need to go to the Olymp Trade platform and find this form on the Home page. Here you will need to enter your E-mail address and your password. Note that broker will remember your password if you don’t leave a tick on “Do not remember me”. After all information is filled you may press on the ‘Log in’ button.

Does Olymptrade accept EU or USA traders?

Prohibited login for restricted countries

Prohibited login for restricted countries

Olymp Trade does not accept traders from EU and USA. The reason of that is regulations and license which the don’t have in this countries. However, traders from all of other countries are welcome.

How to restore Olymp Trade 平台 access?

Restore access to Olymptrade.com

Restore access to Olymptrade.com

Sometimes traders Olymp Trade 平台 forgets their passwords, but they are really easy to restore. To restore your password you will need to press on the “Change password” button which is located in the Login form.

form to restore access to broker

form to restore access to broker

You will be redirected to the following page. Here you will need to enter your valid E-mail address. On this address you will receive a recovery message with instructions. Also don’t forget to leave a tick near “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA. After you may press on the ‘Restore button”.

My account blocked what to do?

Olymptrade account blocked or suspended

Olymptrade account blocked or suspended

Some traders may meet such a problem as blocked account. Firstly, Olymp Trade will never block your account for no reason. Most often it happens because trader had violated the rules of the platform. Olymp Trade is a serious trading platform and I recommend to be honest with them. You may, however write to the support, they will always help you.

誠實2020年Olymp Trade交易經紀商評估:Olymp賺錢嗎? Olymp可靠嗎?

Olymp Trade國際金融委員會會員

Olymp Trade國際金融委員會會員

$10,000美元Olymp Trade免費交易帳戶

我們建議每個交易者在投資真實資金之前先使用免費模擬賬戶。 Olymp Trade提供模擬賬戶對初學者和有經驗交易者是非常重要的服務。有了$10,000的金額,初學者可以輕鬆地開始投資的第一步。

Olymp Trade免費交易帳戶

Olymp Trade免費交易帳戶

交易加密货币 Olymp Trade


Moreover, there are plenty of different crypto indicators available that will help you to get good entry point’s signals. If you like trading far from home, you might be interested in downloading the Olymp Trade 适用于智能手机的应用程序,并从您的手机访问平台。

在平台上交易加密货币 Olymp Trade 平台

将您的平台切换为货币。 然后选择加密货币。 现在,您必须填写一些字段才能开设职位。 首先,输入您想在特定交易中投资的金额。 然后选择一个乘数。 乘数“ x10”表示您的投资金额将比字段10中的投资金额大1倍。请记住,此工具不仅会增加您的利润,而且会带来潜在的损失。


下一步是设置止盈和止损。 这些是您选择的金额,达到后,交易将自动关闭。 因此,请看下面的示例,该交易将在赢得200点或损失50点之后关闭。

以下字段表示作为佣金的总和 Olymp Trade 需要。


单击上面提到的绿色或红色按钮后,您仍然可以更改打开位置。 根据市场情况调整获利或止损。 您可以手动更改报价,也可以将图表上的线拖动到新的水平。

您可以做的另一件事是平仓。 您不必等到它将自动完成。 只要您认为合适,就可以按“关闭”按钮,交易将结束。


XNUMXD压花不锈钢板 Olymp Trade 支持团队运作完美,因此,如果您有任何疑问,请随时与他们联系。 它们可以通过电话,电子邮件,在线聊天或在线联系表格获得。 您将在“支持”选项卡下找到所有必要的详细信息。 Olymp Trade 平台 他们快速有效地响应。 您也可以在每篇文章下方的评论部分中进行撰写。 这是交流思想的好地方。

交易加密货币的好处 Olymp Trade

您可以放心 Olymp Trade 是一个值得信赖的经纪人。 如果您对细节感兴趣,请阅读 关于的文章 Olymp Trade.

以下您会发现使用 Olymp Trade 平台:

  • 用户友好的界面,即使是初学者
  • 需要少量存款
  • 用银行卡付款的可能性
  • 提供免费练习帐户
  • 通过手机访问
  • Olymp Trade 平台
  • 足够好的主要加密货币选择
  • 出色的客户支持

Olymp Trade 如果您正在考虑交易加密货币,则是一个不错的选择。 对初学者和专业人士也是如此。 Olymp Trade 是一家受监管的经纪人,可以安全地在那里进行交易。 它具有许多有用的功能,很容易找到所需的内容。