趋势线(Trend Line)

Since price has tested and respected the trendline for at least 趋势线(Trend Line) three “touches”, we know that our trendline is valid.

javascript 将趋势线添加到现有图表 Chart.js

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Adding trendlines to existing chart 趋势线(Trend Line) Chart.js

提问 by Blue Agency

from hours I've been looking for a solution to add trendlines to an existing chart built with Chart.js

从几个小时开始,我一直在寻找一种解决方案,将趋势线添加到使用 Chart.js 构建的现有图表中

I think we can only add logarithmic trendline on Chart.js ?

我认为我们只能在 Chart.js 上添加对数趋势线?

I don't want to draw a trendline from scratch, but add 趋势线(Trend Line) 2 trendlines based on existing data of these 2 lines ; please see this fiddle example :

A big thank you in advance for all your help.

回答 by jordanwillis

Currently, chart.js does not have a trendline capability at all (not even logarithmic). Perhaps you were getting confused with the custom tick format example at the end of the Common Scale Configurationsection?

You could however use the chartjs-plugin-annotationplugin to draw a trendline on your chart, but keep in mind that 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) you would have to implement your own logic to calculate the correct location 趋势线(Trend Line) of the line (and then just use the annotation plugin to actually draw 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) it).

但是,您可以使用chartjs-plugin-annotation插件在图表上绘制趋势线,但请记住,您必须实现自己的逻辑来计算线的正确位置(然后只需使用 annotation 插件来实际画出来)。

Here is an example demonstrating how to use the plugin (the plugin provides a set of annotation properties that you can add to your charts options . You would then just need to create a function that calculates the trendline and use the result to set the annotation value and endValue properties.

这是一个演示如何使用该插件的示例(该插件提供了一组 annotation 您可以添加到图表中的属性 options 。然后您只需要创建一个计算趋势线的函数并使用结果来设置注释 value 和 endValue 属性。

You can see it in action at this codepen.

回答 by Savage

The chartjs-plugin-trendline provides a straight-line trendline that plugs into Chart.js.

在 chartjs-plugin-trendline 提供了直线趋势线插入到chart.js之。

Usage is pretty straightforward - just add the following to your dataset:

回答 by Krishna Gupta

Perhaps think of using Google Charts, instead of Chart.js. Google Charts includes Trendlines - including Linear, Exponential, and Polynomial.

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如何在Olymp Trade创建趋势线

Olymp Trade appeared on the 趋势线(Trend Line) market in 2014. Since then we have continuously created the new and improved 趋势线(Trend Line) the old, so that your trading on the platform is seamless and lucrative. And that’s just the beginning. We don’t just give traders a chance to 趋势线(Trend Line) earn, but we also teach them how. Our team has world-class analysts. They develop original trading strategies and teach traders how to use them intelligently in 趋势线(Trend Line) open webinars, and they consult one-on-one with traders. Education is conducted in all the languages that our traders speak.
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By looking at the historical 4 hour chart of the GBPUSD below, there are several reasons we know that we want 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) to go long (购买) 这一对. Price action is above the 200 Simple Moving Average and is pulling away from it. The pair has been making higher 趋势线(Trend Line) highs (green lines) and higher lows which indicates an uptrend. 还, 在此图表的时间, the GBP was strongest currency and the USD was one of the weaker currencies.

All these point to a buying opportunity.

但, the question remains, when do we enter the trade?

Here’s where we bring in the trendline…

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 在 2.58.57 PM

趋势线 1

Let’s 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) take a look at the historical 4 hour chart of the GBPUSD pair 趋势线(Trend Line) below…

We can see that price action has come in contact with trendline support at several points – note the blue boxes.

Since price has tested and respected the trendline for at least three “touches”, we know that our 趋势线(Trend Line) trendline is valid.

Our entry strategy to buy this pair using trendline support will be to wait for price to trade down to the trendline and into the “Buy Zone”. If price trades into the Buy Zone and stalls and a candle does not close below trendline support, just as in our blue box examples, we can take a long position on the pair with our stop just below the trendline or just below the lowest wick that penetrates the trendline.

The trader could exit the trade if price reaches resistance, the previous high, or by employing a simple 1:2 Risk Reward Ratio.

Now let’s take a look at a historical 4 hour chart of the 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) USDCHF for an example of selling against Trendline Resistance in a downtrend…

趋势线 2

This trading scenario will be virtually the opposite of what we did in the previous buy example.

We want to sell the pair a it has been making lower lows (red lines) and lower highs. Price action is below the 200 趋势线(Trend Line) SMA and pulling away from it. 还, 在此图表的时间, the USD was weak and 趋势线(Trend Line) the CHF was strong.

再次, price action has tested our resistance line at several points (the blue boxes) so we know the trendline to be valid. In this example we would wait for price to trade up to trendline 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) resistance in the “Sell Zone”. As long as a candle does not close above the trendline, we would sell the pair with a stop just above the trendline or just above the highest wick to penetrate the trendline.

The 趋势线(Trend Line) trade could be closed should price reach the previous low or we could 趋势线(Trend Line) use a 1:2 Risk Reward Ratio to exit the trade.


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