还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易

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Olymp Trade 審查 - 它是合法的嗎? 誠實審查[2022]

首先,我應該提到一個事實 olymp trade 有自己的交易平台,很好,但功能不如 mts 或 ctrader 等專業交易平台。 不用說,如果您期待在交易中使用一些定制的指標或 EA, Olymp trade 不適合你。 Olymp trade 適用於那些手動交易並使用 RSI、MA、MACD 等傳統指標的人。

說到交易條件,我不會說它們是市場上最好的,但它們絕對可以與之合作。 他們不會吃掉你所有的利潤,但另一方面,他們可能會更低,我猜。 Olymp 的特點是這裡沒有點差。 有些人可能會覺得不合適,但考慮到佣金總是穩定的事實,並且您可以在開始交易之前預測所有費用,我覺得沒關係。


我認為主要優點 Olymp Trade 對我來說,我可以隨時隨地進行交易。


此外,如果您使用 FTT 方法,那麼交易變得更加容易……



事實上, Olymp Trade 不是什麼獨特的項目,只是一個普通的公司,有一定的歷史和地位,絕對值得關注。


– 我認為交易終端盡可能簡單,這不是一個優點,這裡的工具很少,如果你想嘗試一些新的東西,你肯定需要使用一些額外的資源;

– 移動應用程序是真正的天賜之物 – 因為它運行流暢且沒有延遲,如果您不能隨身攜帶筆記本電腦,它真的很有用。


一些負面評論是該經紀人並未在所有國家/地區提供服務。 這就是法規和法律發揮作用的地方,您不能責怪經紀人按照當前運作的法規進行操作。 當然,也有經紀人將遵守規定的責任轉嫁給客戶,但 Olymp Trade 為您服務,如果二元期權在您所在的國家/地區不合法,您將無法在經紀商處開設賬戶。 在這篇評論的開頭,我們列出了不能交易二元期權的國家。 但是,如果您所在國家/地區的二元期權是合法的,您可以使用下面的綠色按鈕開立賬戶。

Olymp Trade

迄今為止業內最好的經紀人。 如果 Olymp Trade 在您所在的國家/地區可用,我會毫不猶豫地選擇這個平台。 監管和少量初始存款使經紀人安全,幾乎所有人都可以使用!


Today we going to talk about how to Login into your Olymp Trade account. However if you don’t have your personal account, you will need to create one. You will be able to Login from app on your mobile device as well, but I’m going to show how to make it from browser.

how to login?

olymptrade login

olymptrade login

At first, you will need to go to the Olymp Trade platform and find this form on the Home page. Here you will need to enter your E-mail address and 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 your password. Note that broker will remember your password if you don’t leave a tick on “Do not remember me”. After all information 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 is filled you may press on the ‘Log in’ button.

Does Olymptrade accept EU or USA traders?

Prohibited login for restricted countries

Prohibited login for restricted countries

Olymp Trade does not accept traders from EU and USA. The reason of that is regulations and license which the don’t have in this countries. However, traders from all of other countries are welcome.

How to restore access?

Restore access to Olymptrade.com

Restore access 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 to Olymptrade.com

Sometimes traders forgets their passwords, but 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 they are really easy to restore. To restore your password you will need to press on the “Change password” button which is located in the Login form.

form to restore access to broker

form to restore access to broker

You will be redirected to the following page. Here you will need to enter your valid E-mail address. On this address you will receive a recovery message with instructions. Also don’t forget to leave a 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 tick near “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA. After you may press on the ‘Restore button”.

My 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 account blocked what to do?

Olymptrade account blocked or suspended

Olymptrade account 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 blocked or suspended

Some traders may meet such a problem as blocked account. Firstly, Olymp Trade will never block your account for no reason. Most often it happens because trader had violated 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 the rules of the platform. Olymp Trade is a serious trading platform and I recommend 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 to be honest with them. You may, however 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 write to the support, they will always 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 help you.

还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易

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Olymp Trade Review

Risk Index

Olymp Trade is an offshore company. This company is owned by Smartex International Ltd. It is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Is Olymp Trade A Legit Broker?

There is a lack of information available on the official website of Olymp Trade. It is an unregulated and offshore broker that has no license from any of the 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 financial regulatory entities to run legally. Hence, we do not recommend you to go for trading with it.

Is It Safe To Invest With Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade has been suspected as a scam broker. It has not provided any genuine information such as its ownership and location and this makes the broker more suspicious. Just after the investment, it freezes and blocks the account of the traders prohibiting them from login back and eventually steals their hard-earned money. Hence, it is not safe to invest with Olymp Trade.

How To Recover Your Scammed Amount From Olymp Trade?

In 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 case you have been duped of your money by Olymp Trade, you can go to 还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易 the fund’s recovery companies suggested by us. They will help you to get your money back.