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MetaTrader 4 is a sophisticated platform for currency traders developed over a decade ago by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. Higher versions of MetaTrader exist, but the fourth edition continues to set the standard thanks to an unprecedented amount of automating abilities.

Unlike TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim or Power E-Trade, MetaTrader is provided by a number of different forex brokerages for customer use, often alongside their own proprietary trading platforms. International customers will have no problem finding a brokerage that supports MetaTrader, but like most things forex, U.S. traders have to work harder to find one.

What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader’s first iteration ran back in 2002 when Russian software firm MegaQuotes Software upgraded its FX Charts program into a high-tech and efficient forex trading platform. MetaTrader 4 was the final product and its much-anticipated release happened in 2005. Not only could experienced traders plot complex currency moves, they could also write entire MetaTrader 4交易平台 programming scripts and arrange automated trading systems.

MetaTrader platform navigation is remarkably simple. All the features are available to you with just a few clicks (or taps if you’re using your mobile device). The program opens with four different currency pair charts, all completely customizable. Choose whether you want candlestick charts or line graphs, add a few of the 30 available technical indicators and track the four currency pairs you’re most MetaTrader 4交易平台 interested in.

What really separates MetaTrader from other forex trading platforms is its Expert MetaTrader 4交易平台 Advisors (EAs). These advisors aren’t investment experts or customer service reps, but programs written by traders to carry out specific trades automatically. MetaTrader uses a proprietary programming language called MQL4, similar to the C-languages used in computer coding. Using MQL4, forex traders can build automated trading systems that act with minimal human intervention. With MetaTrader, you can literally trade currencies in your sleep.

Not familiar with programming languages? MetaTrader Market has thousands of robots and indicators available to download, although not all of them are MetaTrader 4交易平台 free. Search through trade categories like Hedging, Arbitrage, Scalping, Trend Following, and even Martingale to find an EA robot that suits your strategies. Download, test and implement automated robots without ever closing the MetaTrader platform.

Using MetaTrader 4 with a Brokerage

MetaTrader has two different versions, one for clients and one for brokers. The broker platform is used MetaTrader 4交易平台 as a server to facilitate trading and prevent malicious cyber attacks. The brokers are licensed to supply customers with the client version, which is linked to brokerage accounts. Choosing the right brokerage is a critical aspect of any type of forex trading, especially if you want to use platforms like MetaTrader.

Some forex brokers base their entire trading operation around MetaTrader and use it as account management software, trading platform and MetaTrader 4交易平台 gateway for real-time pricing and news feeds. MetaTrader is the same platform across brokerages, but that doesn’t mean all supporting brokers have the same trading rules. You’ll still need to make sure the broker has the currency pairs you want to trade MetaTrader 4交易平台 as well as a reasonable schedule of fees and commissions.

Best Brokers Featuring MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 isn’t of any use without a forex broker that supports it. Thankfully, Benzinga has compiled a list of five respectable brokerage houses using MetaTrader 4 as a platform. All five companies on this list are registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), which regulates futures and forex trading in the United States. Transparency is important in the forex markets and NFA-registered brokers can give you peace of mind.

North East Way / 评论

August 15th, 2022: does anybody know why there at least no trades this month. when I look back there has been a performance between 2019 and 2021 of about 6-8 % in August. I think for a lot of subscribers it is disappointing that they are only paying and even don´t get their subscription fee in form of positive rusults back. I would appreciate a short statement of Pavel. thx

Update August 6th, 2022: last months have been very profitable. since end of july there are only some or no trades. In august no trade up to know, maybe markets show no trading opportunities for Pavel. looking forward to further profitable trading months. all the best to all of you

Update April 28th, 2022: up to now good profits this month. today we had already open trades with "only" 3-4 % in minus. now nearly up to -10 %. this counter trend trading of EURUSD, GBPUSD could become dangerous due to the critical world-political situation. nethertheless, fee of signal provider is for small accounts much too high. so you need a bigger account with at least USD 5000 if you have this signal and server of MQL5. wish you all good trades, health and peace in the world.

Update: Feb 02, 2022: in the last time only some trades and performance quite low. I agree, there are not always good chances for trading, but then the subscription fee should also be lower. You can calculate: 57 USD x 344 subscribers is quite a lot. would be perfect if subscription fee as reduced as small account, with e.g. only USD 5000 and 1.5 % performance a month have only USD 75 profit ;-)

Up to now, very good signals. I test since this week, first in demo account. up to now no negative signal. thank you Pavel for your great job. @rasendwind: you are right, this EA does not set stop-loss or it cannot be seen by broker, I do not know. but one idea: I personally set SL manually after EA has done entry. but this SL is later deleted by EA.

I have further question: your account size is about USD 28.000 with 0.05 lot. why does signal not correctly perform to higher lot size, e.g. 0.02 lot as I have USD 10.000 account?

MetaTrader 4交易平台

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MetaTrader 4交易平台

Supports EA Automated Trading

Have a good trading strategy? Develop it into an EA MetaTrader 4交易平台 MetaTrader 4交易平台 and let it make profits for you in your sleep.

Stable Platform

MT4 has MetaTrader 4交易平台 served traders for more than 15 years. It will work well in all market conditions.

Copy Trading

Do you know of some friends who can trade well consistently? You can copy their trades and make profits by using our PAMM system for MT4.

Powerful Charting Tools

With over thousands of custom indicators and charting tools, you will be able to trade in any style you desire.

Mobile Trading With MT4

Monitor and manage your trading on the go with full control over your trading MetaTrader 4交易平台 account from your mobile phone.

Download MetaTrader 4 for Android/iOS on your smartphone or tablet to trade the financial markets anytime and anywhere in the world!


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